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We make a wide range of baked goods including sweet breads, cakes, frozen desserts, cookies,
cinnamon rolls and danish. All of our products use the highest quality ingredients from the top
suppliers in the baking industry.

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We produce a wide variety of pastries, in an assortment fillings, doughs, sizes and shapes.  With our extensive baking and co-manufacturing experience, Dough Makers Pro can fulfill your specific requirements for your recipes, or we can offer you our own creations to produce bakery products that melt in your mouth and fly off the shelves!



Cakes are a particular specialty of Dough Makers Pro. From luscious chocolate layer cakes in a variety of frostings, inclusions and toppings to mouth watering carrot cakes and tangy-sweet lemon cakes, we can satisfy any cake baking need you require. Plus, we are expert in baking, assembling, decorating, packing, storing and shipping ice cream and frozen desert cakes. Our 60,000 cubic feet of controlled environment allows us to manufacture in advance and ship on demand any cake order.


Sweet Breads

Our oven capacity allows us to produce thousands of loaves of sweet bread on a daily basis. Our 60,000 cubic feet of controlled environment allows us to store our delicious sweet breads and ship them fresh-frozen. But it's our 30 plus years of baking experience that makes our last baked sweet bread taste as delicious and look as good as our first of the day. We specialize in baking a wide assortment of fruit breads with any inclusion you wish. We use only the highest quality ingredients and the greatest level of care and professionalism in any of our sweet breads-and in all of baked products.



Brownies from Dough Makers Pro are consistently rich, moist and delicious. As with all of our baked goods, the last batch of brownies out of our ovens are as perfect as our first batch. We can, of course, handle any inclusion you desire in your brownie order. Plus, our wide array of cutting and packaging options allows us to handle any custom brownie request.   


Frozen Desserts

The combination of our experience in baking, assembling, decorating, packaging and safely and efficiently storing your frozen deserts is a Dough Makers Pro specialty. All frozen products are assembled in a temperature controlled environment that allows us to produce delicious, beautifully decorated frozen cakes and pies. We then palletize and store your order in our expansive freezer to insure the highest quality product upon delivery to you. We use a wide range of inclusions and decorations to make our our frozen products look as great as they taste.


Danish & Cinnamon Rolls

It takes years of experience to master the art of making yeasted baked products, especially on such a high volume as we produce at our facility, yet that's exactly what we offer our customers-experience and quality.  Our dough is meticulously mixed and managed throughout the entire process to insure the highest quality danish and cinnamon rolls.  We can add any number of fruit fillings, nuts or other inclusions to offer you a variety of options for your danish.  From oven to package to freezer in a quick and efficient process which allows us to deliver your order when you're ready to receive it.