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Using the finest, high quality ingredients, our company prides itself in manufacturing products that our customers would be proud to serve to their customers as well as their family.

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The Power of Baking

Who We Are

Founded in 1997 by legendary Chicago baker, John Henner, Dough Makers Pro has been providing products to companies throughout the Midwest. Our current facility has over 60,000 cubic feet of controlled environment that holds products at a constant temperature well below freezing until products are ready to ship.

We are able to produce any baked products; cakes, sweet breads, pastries, danish, cookies and frozen desserts. Any or all of these products can be finished to our clients specifications. We employ a team of finish specialists that consistently produce products to very controlled specifications.

Our baking team has over 30 years of experience, which means we can bring your product from concept to reality to mass production in a very short period of time.  You can then feel confident that we will produce your products with a consistent level of excellence.

Our management team is committed to using the best in class technology to improve production and scheduling, control costs and track all products through manufacture to shipment. Our management team and staff pride ourselves with providing products that are consistent as well as safe.

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All Your Bakery Item Needs

Dough Makers Pro is fully equipped to handle any of your individual baking or co-manufacturing needs.  We have four double-rack, gas -fired, rotating ovens that give us great flexibility in what and how we bake.  We have five 100 lb. mixers and our 500 lb. extra large mixer for our high volume products.  Plus, we have all of the necessary dough preparation, cutting and decorating machines and tools at the ready.  Most importantly, we have the experienced staff to handle your orders.  

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We produce a wide variety of pastries, in an assortment fillings, doughs, sizes and shapes.

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Cakes are a particular specialty of Dough Makers Pro. 

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Sweet Breads

Our oven capacity allows us to produce thousands of loaves of sweet bread on a daily basis. 

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Brownies from Dough Makers Pro are consistently rich, moist and delicious. 


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Frozen Desserts

The combination of our experience in baking, assembling, decorating, packaging and safely and efficiently storing your frozen deserts is a Dough Makers Pro specialty. 

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Danish & Cinnamon Rolls

Our danish and cinnamon rolls are so consistently excellent and delicious, we are tempted to call ourselves "Yeasted" Dough Makers Pro!

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Why Choose Us?

How We're Different

Our experienced baking, decorating, and professional management teams are here to make you and your products successful.  We pride ourselves in not only making delicious baked goods, but making them within our customer's time frame.  We utilize the latest inventory tracking software and hold ourselves to the baking industry's highest standards.  Once your product is baked, we utilize our 60,000 cubic feet of controlled environment to bring your product from the oven, to it's package and then to our deep freezer where it is palletized and ready for you when you need it.


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